Monday, September 12, 2011

As I previously wrote I am having trouble finding the time to blog at the moment. This is largely due to pressures on my time as well as a lack of news to comment on. I also have been stuck for a computer. Anyway I should be fully back blogging by Monday.

In the meantime just for your information we have been online for nearly 12 weeks. Over the next 12 weeks (or between now and the year end) I hope to:

  1. Continue blogging and have a 60% post/days rate (currently 50%).
  2. Continue with "And the winner of ESC 2012" and finish it before November
  3. Continue reviewing the various JESC entries and start reviewing ESC entries as they come.
  4. Launch The Best Eurovision Blog on Twitter and trial commentary for the Swiss national final
Also our friends over on ESCDaily are launching a new look website on Friday and we look forward to that.

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