Eurovision Websites!

A list of  Eurovision Websites

ESCInsight - A more magazine look at Eurovision with in depth articles. Listening to their unofficial podcast should be one of the number one things for a Eurovision fan each week. This is my favorite Eurovision Fan site.

Daily News Sites:

Non-English Sites:
The Road To Eurovision [Dutch]

Other more specialist sites:
All Kinds Of Everything - The Main Irish Eurovision website
EscIreland - Another Irish Eurovision website
Eurovision Odds - A site keeping an eye on the betting odds for Eurovision

Blogs are an important part of the Eurovision Song Contest community. So here is a list of other ESC Blogs:
Schlager Blog - run by the famous SchlagerBoys (not recommended for those who do not like key changes.)
The EscInsider - An American Eurovision Fans Perspective; well run and objective.
Eurovoix - Good news blog.
Good Evening Europe - Norwegian Blog; Opinionated. 

If your blog is not mentioned here, drop me an email and I'll sort that out.
If you are not listed here and would like to be - drop me an email. For a full list of addresses see the ESCInsight List of 100 Eurovision Websites