Friday, May 17, 2013

Thoughts On Tonight's Results

So tonight saw the final ten countries be added to the final line up, and while I wait for the running order to arrive my main thoughts on the talking points of semi-final 2 are:

  • Balkan's decide Eurovision: For the first time since 1985 there's no Balkan in the final meaning a lot of votes are going to be swishing around there that would otherwise be used on good old fashioned neighbourly voting. However despite how many people have suggested that the Balkan's will decide the contest this year I would actually suggest that their votes will no longer be bloc but instead go all around Europe. 
  • San Marino didn't qualify despite the expectations that it could. Personally I thought the performance came across very poorly on television so I was not overly surprised by that.
  • Israel didn't get through either, I was surprised by this as I thought that the juries would pull her over the line. However it was a dull song that didn't even win the public televote in Kdam so it understandable why it failed to qualify.
  • Hungary qualified: I don't really know how to react to this.
All in all this was a great semi-final and I am really looking forward to the final regardless of who the winners or losers may be, Sweden will put on a great show.

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