About Us!

The Best Eurovision Blog was set up is June 2011. It is run by me, Seán. I'm a student living in Dublin. My favorite country at Eurovision is Sweden and I don't have a favorite Eurovision song.
I like most  kinds of music, but I'm not all that gone on rap. I dearly love Schlager and Pop music and a little Opera or Jazz from time to time.

Why did I set up this blog? Well it is kinda complex. Since I was eight I watched the contest and I have been a die-hard fan of the contest since 2008, but as I got more interested in it I noticed my need to write longer responses to what was happening in the world of Eurovision was growing. I believe as interested as fans are many of us don't stop for long enough to think about the contest. We rush from one news story to the next. ESCInsight were the first website to think about Eurovision. They are my greatest inspiration for this blog - the idea you should think about Eurovision, not just watch the news. This blog is not to report news, it is to review and think about Eurovision and how the daily on goings of this world famous contest actually add up to affect the world of fans and the contest itself. So that is where The Best Eurovision Blog came from.

We strive to create information. We believe that while a huge range of data in existence in the Eurovision Media. However data is only the first step in creating information. Eurovision is dominiated by news, not the more important aspect which is opinion. We do our best try to deliver opinion and information rather than news and data.

This blog is where I publish my ideas and opinions about the contest. Some of them you may agree with and some you may not but what is important is  that you consider them as ideas. You are always welcome to leave a comment on the blog [even if it is just to say hello].

We are happy to work with other fan sites and publications, see the Contact Us! section for rules on republishing content. If you would like to discuss other services we can offer to either provide Eurovision coverage (including going to the contest) or to enhance your coverage we will be delighted to talk to you. Please get in touch via email in the Contact Us! section.