Monday, March 25, 2013

Switzerland: The Review

Switzerland surprised everyone this year by failing to be the first country to pick their song for Eurovision 2013, piped at the post by Belarus who rushed through their final, once again though we were reminded that Belarus need to rush through their selection as there may be more to come…Switzerland are always a country who put on a good show for a national final, and though we might not always agree with the result it is still something to watch in December.

I quite like the Swiss entry this year I think it offers quite a lot. You and Me is a very please song, though I was not completely impressed by it when I first heard it. My fear for this entry is it may be lost on the night but it does have the advantage of not being surrounded by rock entries which would may have been the case it earlier years.

My issue with this is that the songs appeal, and probably what made it stand out so much at the national final was the songs association with the Salvation Army. Due to the nature of the rules of the contest, this advantage, which would have distinguished it from other entries, will be gone on stage. So it is difficult to say that it will be as distinctive as it was in the national final.

Verdict: A difficult call at this point, a strong song which could be lost in Eurovision but I am going to support it and say that it has the potential to do well. However I don’t think this will trouble the top 10.

Grade: C 

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