Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Most Accurate Country?

We all have a short list of Eurovision pundits, bloggers and webmasters who in our own minds are pretty accurate about predicting the contest. There are also some polls that we might pay close attention to, all of which is an understandable aspect of human nature, but are there countries that are just more accurate when it comes to Eurovision. Countries who just seem to have their fingers on the pulse of Europe? Or is everyone just guessing. Well looking at the points in this years contest they're might just be....

So how can you figure this one out? Well, I decided to calculate this as follows: Take the points given to the top 10. The amount of points given to the winning song is multiplied by 12. The amount of points given to the second placed song is multiplied by 10. Third place is multiplied 8, 4th is multiplied by 7 and so on until we reach 10th place. The maximum number of points that can be given is 448. So with out further ado the most accurate countries were:
1. Germany
2. Bulgaria
3. Lithuania 
4. Belgium
5. Austria
6. Hungary
7. France 
8. Norway
9. Netherlands
10. Finland

That's a rather interesting mix of countries. Interestingly voting in line with Europe at the contest has little to do with how successful the country's entry was Austria came 5th here despite coming last in their semi-final. Norway came last in the final and finished 8th here.

But what about the crazy inaccurate countries who throw points all across Europe? Who are they?

1. Albania - Just weird votes 
2. Serbia - Giving high points to neighbours doesn't make you accurate.
3. Sweden - Not being able to vote for yourself never helps, but seriously 12 to Cyprus?
3. Romania - Tied with Sweden
5. Azerbaijan - More strange votes

I intend to look at this in more depth as the summer goes on.

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