Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Great ESC Night - Oh and Sweden Have Lost Their Minds

So tonight was another great night of Eurovision. Latvia picked their song, Italy picked their artist and Sweden and Estonia held semi-finals so the highlights:

  • Latvia will send PeR (I hope my capitalisation is correct) with their song Here We Go - Its not bad at all (By Latvian standards). You can watch it here.
  • Italy have decided to send Marco Mengoni to Eurovision. There's no point trying to predict the song he will take to ESC. Not a bad choice though. There is an awful lot to say for the quality of San Remo as a selection process, even if it goes on all night.
  • In Estonia five qualifiers made it to the final including one of my favourite songs in this national final season, Paastke Noored Hinged by Grete Paia. You can watch her performance here.
  • In Sweden, another surprise result was delivered when State of Drama and Ravaillacz qualified to the final and Caroline Af Ugglas and Martin Rolenski went to Andra Chansen. This was by all accounts a surprise especially when Amanda Fonndell and Janet Leon were both knocked out. If you combine this with last weeks result its another big surprise. Really you'd wonder what is going on in Sweden....
  • Something happened in Hungary - Read about it here.
Enjoy your weekend - talk soon.

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