Thursday, February 7, 2013

RTÉ Plays It Safe

Today RTÉ premiered the five songs in the 2013 national final. Generally speaking there is four club songs and one ballad involved. I'm somewhat impressed by what RTÉ have come up with. I think that by RTÉ standards this is one of the strongest national finalists we have seen in a number of years. Having said that this is not a miracle - it's an improvement.

As regards individual entries I will post more formal reviews but in the meantime, I think that this is a straight fight between Ryan Dolan and Aimee Fitzpatrick. Ryan probably will benefit from Kasey and Zoe are probably too similar and will cancel each other's vote. As the male Ryan stands a strong chance. Aimee also has a great chance having the only ballad in the competition and that cannot be discounted.

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