Thursday, July 7, 2011

And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 Is.....?: Part 9

As I said yesterday I'm going on holidays today so I won't be updating the blog until next week at the earliest. So until then I leave with a few short pieces from And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 Is...? The Georgian National Final for JESC 2011 is on this weekend and I will have a review of the song up as soon I find internet to put it up on the blog.

Even though they have not done well in the last number of years bar 2009, Estonia has a strong internalised national final format, much more concerned about what sounds good to Estonians than what would work at Eurovision. This should pay off. Despite gaining 44 points with one of the most modern songs in the contest, they only came 2nd last. They will need to be more active in order to secure victory.
Tallinn 2013? While they may improve on last year’s result they may need some more time.

Bosnia and Herzegovina
It is difficult to say with Bosnia +Herezegovina whether they got votes as their song is good or if they just got a lot of neighbourly votes. However each year they choose a song through internal selection and really have only let us down in 2010. They are a very difficult country to predict as they could send anything to the contest. However their attitude of sending a song they like rather than a song for Eurovision is a refreshing attitude.
Sarajevo 2013? Very hard to call but I would be surprised if B+H win. In recent years the trendhas moved away from ethnic songs and to more main stream. But the drop in ethnic songs could lead to a very ethnic and do quite well. They also rely on no neighbour putting in a good song, which would be an odd year. But it is possible.

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