Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where to now for Ireland?

Holidays in Ireland are strange things when your Irish, and when the rain leaves you stuck a mile away in your house from the local town your attention turns back to writing up a few blog posts in advance. I wrote this up in advance with the aim of posting it when I find some free Wifi.

Ireland had a poor decade in ESC from 2000-2010. Following years of wins and top 5 placings 2000 brought us to 6th place however Ireland continued by either not qualifying or coming in the last 3 in the final. Other than a 10th and 11th place things have not been great. After the success of Jedward this year bringing us our best placing since 2000 who should we send next?

Two groups have put their names forward. First and foremost Jedward were the first group to say they would like to participate again in 2012. They should do quite well for Ireland again this year. I felt as great as they were Lipstick was a poor-ish song, rather repetitive. I believe they would get a better placing than this year.

The second group are Crystal Swing, now I spoke about these before, they would have very little chance. So who else, well my personal favorite to go to Eurovision is Imelda May, she is a good artist and would represent us well at Eurovision.

RTÉ have a history of trying to get past winners to come back, this is a poor idea as we won all our titles when juries were in full swing. Past artists have limited success on return. Mary Byrne, our X Factor contestant has a good chance but I think her appeal could be somewhat limited, but she still is a remarkable singer.

After she came second in this years national Final Nikki Kavanagh could be a strong potential choice. Her song, Falling could have done rather well for Ireland, but we had to send Jedward.

Ireland does have long musical history but at ESC we often turn to Sweden for a song writer. Maybe next year they will just supply the whole package and send Timoteij.

Still not entirely sure when I will blog again but until then bye for now.

P.S. Sorry I could not post a video with the singers

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