Friday, January 25, 2013

Could It Be Denmark's Year?

This year Denmark have presented one of the strongest fields for their national final, DMGP, which brings me to the question could they select the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest tonight? Regardless of your answer there are some real gems in the final tonight. Let's take a peek:

Frederikke - Jeg Har Hele Tiden Vidst Det
This is a fairly normal song. It starts slow and builds, however unlike many of these songs I actually think that there are too many changes in this song and the overall rhythm of the song is damaged, but still it is pretty good and should be a nice opener to the show. Grade: B-

Brinck - Human 
Brinck, having represented Denmark at the contest in 2009, returns for the first time to DMGP since his win with the gentle song Human, which could be a big hit in a final which does not really include many slow songs. However I find the Danes are not really prone to going for this style of song. Personally I think it is one of those songs I like to have for quieter times on the MP3 player. Grade: A-

Kate Hall - I'm Not Alone
In total contrast to Brinck we turn to Kate Hall and her complete Disco stomper I'm Not Alone. This takes a few seconds to get going then it delivers a real schlager song that may not do extremely well with the Danish public but is bound to light up Twitter on the night. This really will need a bit more bass though to carry it on the night to make it a possible super finalist. Grade: B+

Louise Dubiel - Rejs Dig Op
I've actually been a fan of Louise for some time now though she has never participated in DMGP before I always though that she would be there at some stage. Personally, even as a fan, I'm disappointed by this overly poppish song she has entered which not exactly her best material but it is easy to understand why she is in last place with the bookies. Grade: C

Daze - We Own The Universe
Another disco oriented song which gathers pace and then lets fly with a real strong schlager-ish song. I have not paid much attention to this song but it actually is a great one. Because of the standard in this national final I don't this has much chance of being a surprise winner but still it is a great one to listen to. Grade: B+

Simone - Stay Awake
Returning from her surprise loss in 2010 Simone returns to DMGP, once again as the favourite. Personally I do not understand why she is the favourite of the contest. While her song is good and has a great beat to it I don't think that this will be the ultimate winner of DMGP. Clearly she proved in 2010 that Denmark will not vote for her simply because it is Simone. There are better songs in this national final which would get Denmark a better result at ESC. Grade: B

Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray - Invincible
We have to have a male duet simply because it is Denmark don't we? This one of the weaker pop songs in the final and given the fact that this show will be full of them this song is unlikely to progress to far. Grade: C

Emmelie De Forest - Only Teardrops
Many people will have noticed that I have suggested that there may be a potential winner of the entire Eurovision Song Contest in this final and in my opinion you are looking at it. Emmelie takes part in the national final for the first time with what I think is currently the best song in the 2013 national final season so far. This is different in so many ways that it does have to do well even if it is somewhere between the second and third favourite with the bookies. Grade: A+

Albin - Beautiful To Me
Another dull pop song that actually be a surprise qualifier to the super final, though I do think that the song is not that impressive though Denmark does have a record for going for this style of song. Grade: B-

Mohamad Ali - Unbreakable
Simple question, why call yourself Mohamad Ali? Does he not have any clue how hard it is to find a music video on Youtube with a name like that. This probably one of the stronger pop songs in the the Danish national final this year. I like it, and I would certainly consider it a possible super finalist and even a surprise winner of the whole competition. The song itself is modern enough to widely appeal to the masses but also carries some schlager elements which will boost the song with the fans. Grade: A-

The Favourites
According to Nicerodds the favourite is Simone, with Emmelie and Mohamad behind.

I'm predicting a victory for Emmelie

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