Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend Edition

Unfortunately I was away all this weekend (with family in the midlands) and that meant that though I was carefully watching the busy Scandinavian weekend from my phone in a hotel lobby I wasn't blogging so in this Weekend Edition I look back at the weekend.

Denmark selected Emmelie de Forest to go to Malmo in May with her song Only Teardrops. As I said in my review of the Danish national final this was my favourite in the national final. It's always nice when your favourite wins, that's for sure.

There appears to be widespread praise for the song and its convincing win in DMGP suggests that it has a great chance at Eurovision but it is very early to be making predictions. Congratulations to Emmelie.

Things are not going well in Norway and the shine that used be associated with it as a strong national final country has well and truly come off of it. This week they sent Margaret Berger, Fjellfolk and Annsofi to the final. However overall there is not one outstanding song or even a song that I would be satisfied to see Norway send to Eurovision. This new style of music may well be an epic fail.

Iceland held both their semi-finals over the weekend have selected six songs to progress to the final of the competition. I suppose the only real shock is the fact that Yohanna did not make it to the final and to the surprise of many fans, Magní Asgeirsson didn't qualify through the public televote but had to rely on the jury wildcard. All in all Iceland have a nice national final lined up but it will be very interesting to see who wins it.

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