Friday, January 4, 2013

Melodifestivalen Running Order Revealed

Today on what has now become known as SVT Thursday SVT revealed the Melodifestivalen running order (For the semi-finals). The semi-finals are opened by David Lindegren and end with Ulrik Munther. Really their is not a whole pile of surprise involved in this, largely because there is not quite as many returning artists as normally would be expected.

The most interesting is who received the coveted last place in the semi-final went to Ulrik Munther. This generally considered to mean that he is Christer Bjorkman's favourite and is a song that Christer thinks has a chance. This means one of two things: The song is amazing or more than likely Christer just thinks he's onto a hunch. Christer's crazy ideas have had very much mixed success even when they do actually make it out of Melodifestivalen. In 2009 he decided the world needed to hear Malena Ernman. BAD IDEA. Didn't even get to the top 10 despite all the great songs in Melodifestivalen that year. 2010, Anna Bergendahl. I don't need to elaborate. 2011 Eric Saade. Good Choice Christer. 2012 Danny Saucedo. Oh but who won Eurovision. It wasn't Danny.

Certain those who catch Bjorkman's eye are always worth watching mainly because of the massive budget that is thrown at their performance.

Now those of you who may be thinking that Ulrik might have a chance but I am somewhat skeptical. Last year he was though he came joint third with David Lindgren he still didn't manage to win his semi-final against David and only managed to come in fourth place with the juries. On top of that he only finished eighth in the televote. This is an artist who doesn't exactly have the hallmarks of someone who really has a strong chance of winning. You could argue that many artists may have had a shot had it not been for Loreen hoovering up the votes, however I'm not convinced that Ulrik would have massively improved in the absence of Loreen.


  1. Neither Anna Bergendahl nor Eric Saade received the last slot of the last semi in their respective years...they instead went to Peter Jöback and Love Generation.

  2. Tyron,
    Yes but Bjorkman did push Love Generation in 2011 and as for Peter Joback - that one is somewhat of a mystery.

    Certainly, though there are exceptions I would argue that the last place in the semi-finals are generally given to promising acts that have a chance of winning the competition. Strangely when this is not the case it is usually a very weak semi-final