Thursday, January 31, 2013

Malta's Endurance Contest: The Review

Love or hate the Maltese national final it is always difficult to find a fan that will take complete offense to the Maltese entry at Eurovision. Sadly, their national final is one that always runs all night and just when you think the result is going to come we have another interval act. Malta is well up there on the endurance contest list along with Festival i Kenges in Albania and The Late Late Show in Ireland.

Anyway there is the standard MESC in Malta with virtually the same singers as last year. So lets have a look at what is on this year:

Janice Debattista – Perfect Day
This is a vanilla song, plain and simple. Not that it is never a bad idea to err on the side of caution in a national final this is just lacking in many areas and there are so many similar songs in this national final. Grade: E

Chris Grech – Never Walk Away
Another plain song with some U2 overtones. Chris is quite an introverted performer so this song may not come across as well as it should. Slow rock songs also don’t tend to do extremely well in national finals. Grade: E+

Claudia Faniello – When It’s Time
Claudia is back for yet another national final with yet another dull song. Personally speaking I think if they weren’t go to send her with the song Pure I cannot imagine her doing well enough with this one. It is dull and predictable. Grade: E+

Corazon Mizzi – My Stranger Love
Corazon’s song is probably similar in ways to other songs in this national final. However something about her voice makes me think that she might just standout a little more in the national final however perhaps I just prefer her voices to others in MESC this year. Grade: D-

Richard Edwards – Fall Like Rome
Seasoned MESC competitor returns with another dramatic song. This is certainly one of the more stand out song in MESC however I still wonder if he could actually win given that he has missed out so many times before this. Never the less I think this is a possible winner and could be in Malmo. Grade: B+

Ylenia Vella – Tides of Illusion
I like this. It is the first genuine uptempo piece of Eurodance that I have listened to in the MESC entries. It bounces along nicely however I’m not convinced that this will do as well as it can live. It is more of a song that belongs as track 7 or 8 of a pop CD. It has more introverted qualities which probably will not be recognised by a live audience and this style of song does not tend to score overly well with juries in MESC. Grade: B-

Gianni – Us Against The World
Gianni may have his fans from last year but I doubt that they will be overly impressed with this teen pop song that really is unimpressive. Last year I had him down as someone who could represent Malta at Eurovision in the future, however I don’t think 2013 is the future. Grade: D

Jessica Muscat – Ultraviolet
Can fiery red heads go to Eurovision? Yes of course, remember Niamh Kavanagh? Certainly Jessica has a pretty distinctive look. Her song is also fairly good and reminds me a bit of Lena Meyer Landrut. Maybe has an outside chance? Grade: B-

Dorothy Bezzina – Starting From The End
I never got Dorothy, her songs are always very good vocally but are never particularly warm. This one is no different. Probably will do well with juries. Grade: E-

Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow
Anyone else thinking Train’s Hey Soul Sister? Certainly I am. I think this is somewhat like it but none the less this is a very sweet song and Gianluca’s charisma helps to boost the song. A strong entry that may well win. Grade: B+

Danica Muscat – Fanasty
Another dull ballad from Danica. ZZZZZZZ…….ZZZZZZZZZ……Grade: E

Melanie Zammit – Loverdose
Here comes the strange woman that is a bit overenthusiastic. Everything about this song is the right thing to do but everything feels a bit overdone. Maybe this will work better on the big stage but in the meantime I’m not impressed. Grade: C

Dominique Azzopardi – Too Little Too Late
Another dull ballad. Dominique has a delicate and gentle voice but it still will not take away from the fact that the song really is just not that outstanding. Grade: E+

Davinia Pace – Betrayed
I don’t like this, for no reason at all. I just don’t. Sorry. Grade: G

Raquela – Keep Believing
I like this one. Probably a bit too cold to be a potential winner but none the less I like it. It does get too slow at times though. Grade: C

Scar – Superstar
I’m half expecting either the wimax ad (I’d have to be living Irish to understand) or else a tribute act to Paul Harrington and Charlie McGettigan. This is certainly a potential winner but I still am not convinced this is an ideal Eurovision choice. Grade: B

Saska Hunt – Dress Rehearsal
This reminds me of some of Lena Meyer Landrut’s dull songs that I just don’t listen to. Otherwise it is fairly dull. Grade: D-

Amber – In Control
Also a dull song. It tries to be right but gets it so wrong. Grade: E+

Petra – No One’s Home
Petra has a blues song that does make it stand out from all of the other dull ballads in this show. Nevertheless I can’t see this as a winner. Grade: D

Deborah C – Love-O-Holic
This is my favourite song in the competition. I loved Deborah last year and once again I find myself in the same position this year. Sadly vocally she was way off last year, hopefully the year has done her some good. If this worked it could have a chance of winning but if it goes wrong it surely won’t be as bad as last year. Grade: A

Franklin Calleja – Let Your Heart Talk
More of the same dull ballads. Please read any other comment on dull ballads to understand what I think of this one. Grade: D-

Klinsman Coleiro – The Remedy
If he can pull this off live then it would  certainly be the winner of the contest hands down. However MESC is a great place to hear off key vocals and this could a just another one of these songs. I like this as a studio song. It reminds me of a toned down version of Danny’s Amazing last year. Grade: A

Petra/Richard Edwards – Wonderful Today
I personally would prefer their individual song than this duet. It really does not show off Richard’s vocal abilities and the age difference (apologies if there is no difference). Taxi for this one then. Grade: E

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