Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do You Wanna Have CyberSex Again? Did I Ask For It In The First Place?

So San Marino have made what we call a booboo. What is that? Well its where you decide not to worry about Eurovision until two weeks before the deadline, bring in Raphal Sigel,  then hammer something that looks like an entry but with a few fatal mistakes. College students will be familiar with this approach.

The worst mistake you can make at Eurovision is believe that you need to be contemporary, and this exactly what San Marino have done.

Facebook The Social Network Song, is a total load of rubbish, sung by the wonderful Valentina Montetta who actually a great singer and this song sadly completely undermines her talent. It really is that Eurovision song that goes nowhere. Lyrically it is just dire.

And yet I have a certain affection for this song. It bounces along, it is a real guilty pleasure. But only at times, at times I really haven't the heart to listen to it.

In semi-final 1 there will be considerable competition for places in the final I really cannot see this going anywhere other than home.

Verdict: Far from my favourite but because it can be a guilty pleasure I'll give it a fair grade. Hasn't a hope.

Grade: C+

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