Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spain Finally Brings Some Class To The Contest

Today my internet keeps breaking so hopefully it will hold up long enough to get this post up. So it's nice to be back blogging after what has been an extremely busy but successful week., So we now turn our attention to Spain, and Pastora Soler. Fans were genuinely delighted to see that Spain had finally come to their senses and sent someone very well known to Eurovision. I have a lot of sympathy for Spanish Eurovision fans there are a lot of rather dedicated fans from Spain and I always think that they could deserve better than the last few years.

It was pretty obvious that Quedate Conmigo was going to win the Spanish selection. The song is probably the best one to show off Pastora's vocal ability it starts subtly and builds to a massive vocal crescendo. One which juries should lap up. I’m not convinced that on the final night it is going to blow the other finalists out of the water, but it should bring Spain a good place overall. The question is really where will the public put this song, I think it will feature in the juries Top 5 but the public could be loose cannons with this. 

The biggest threat to Spain is being surrounded by a number of ballads. On the plus side Spain is nicely located in the final, towards the end. This is a good position. 

Verdict: This is definitely a very serious entry from Spain, but I’m not sure though if it is generating enough interest to actually go somewhere in the final. If, like last year most of the favourites were drawn early in the final this could go down a treat, but otherwise there are ballads that could seriously challenge it. Personally I really like it but not as much as some of the other big five songs. Without a doubt though, Spain has come a long way.

Grade: B

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