Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About The Presenters?! (And Other Things)

Time for the Eurovision version of the Daily Mail's opinion column and some news reaction in brief.   
  • Strangely very few are talking about the presenters this year. Fortunately we are on twitter and found out about this. There's going to be two sexy women (how I have missed Eastern European ESC's) and Eldar - he won last year. Full report is here. I think what is interesting is the keeping of the three presenter format. [I wonder is that an EBU thing] anyhow I find that it does add to the production so no major complaints there.
  • Azerbaijan have made a video with all of the HOD's saying light your fire in their own language. I can't really comment on much of this except Julian Vignoles's [head of Irish delegation] saying "Lás Mo h-Solas" - which means light my light. With no disrespect to the south Dublin near ignorance of the langauge  It should actually be "Lás Do Thine" (note the Fada and Shebhu).
  • We now also know that Dima Bilan and Nigar will be part of the interval act in semi final 2. Suffice to say I'll hopefully have enough drank to not have to endure this - or at least not remember it.
  • Jedward have released their music video of "Waterline" - It's a bit weird, but still a fairly big budget production. Anyhow here it is:

Back to reviews tomorrow.

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