Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pasha Parfeny Brings Some Fun - We Just Won't Remember It

Without a doubt there was some surprise when Moldova selected Pasha Parfeny to go to Eurovision.  There was no clear winner in the Moldovan national final but usually when this occurs it means that one of the last songs in the running order will win the national final.

Without a doubt Pasha is keeping with the trend of Moldova of Moldovan entries. It is no doubt a fun song, it encompasses some bizarre costumes and general strange sounding music. The rhythms of the song have appealed to the Eurovision audience before .

So the song has a lot going for it. But has it actually? Judging by past Moldovan entries, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far this is not as great as they were. Moldova has a great position in the running order. No. 17. However it is sandwiched between two other fun songs. Trackshittaz and Jedward are certainly going to put on a show. Whether Pasha and Moldova are able to keep up with them I’m not sure of.
As I have previously said, the song is not as good as previous entries from Moldova. It’s not one that I personally love. I can understand why you could love this but there is much better in this genre at the contest.

Verdict: This gives me the vibes of Cyprus in 1999. They had a strong song, but were sandwiched between the marginal stronger entry of Iceland and the amazing entry from Sweden and Charlotte Nilsson. The song is not one of my favourites but I recognise it as a reasonable entry.
Grade: C-

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