Monday, April 2, 2012

Standing Out In Glorious Black and White

Now that we are well past National Final season most Eurovision fans have made a decision to either leave Eurovision land completely [cowards] or carry on despite a huge lack of news clawing your nails into a desk. I am fortunate to have a very busy college schedule [no seriously, we actually do exams too] so that will keep me occupied until about three weeks before the contest. Anyhow in the mean time there is reviews to be written so here goes Bosnia & Herzegovina...

This year Bosnia & Herzegovina went with the usual internal selection announcing the artist way, way back then coming up with a song at the last minute [that's a bit of a head scratcher for me]. Maya Saar was selected for Baku. If you're not sure who she was, she was the girl playing the piano in Dino Merlin's song last year. Without looking to closely at her music I had assumed that it would be a rather bouncy song reflecting her performance last year.  But no, I was wrong. Instead Bosnia & Herzegovina decided to send a piano ballad. 

The song is definitely a subtle one. While there is nothing wrong with a subtle song, it may not be thing that people want to hear 17 songs into the semi-finals. However I think that the juries might like this. The black and white will play well if they opt for that at Eurovision. It sort of reflects like something out of "The Artist". The problem with this song is it looks to be building to a crescendo but then lets you down. But, on a personal  level I do thing it is a nice, relaxed song but it might stick out like a sore thumb in the semi-final, I'm not sure. The song is rather introverted and to stand out Maya will have to work to make a connection with the audience. I really think they should go with the black and white effects.

Semi-Final 2 is a very unpredictable one, and while history would suggest that Bosnia should qualify but strange events have happened before like Croatia not qualifying in 2010. In a semi full of different songs but a huge number of balkan countries I don't think that this is a definite qualifier, but it does have a great chance thanks to a good draw. 

Verdict: More than likely will qualify but still this is by no means a guaranteed qualifier, but it is a good song.

Grade: B-

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