Monday, December 19, 2011

Conclusions: And the winner of Eurovision 2012 is.....?

So after looking at the various countries who could the winner be? Well if recent Eurovision history is anything to go by then Denmark looks set to take the title next year. Sweden are just behind Denmark. Russia/Ukraine/Bosnia and Heregovia are able to win but it depends on how much they want it. Ireland/UK/Turkey/France/Armenia could sneak up but they need to pick good songs but none of those countries are incapable of doing so.

But I am going to call who are the top 10 most likely countries to win Eurovision 2012:
1.       Denmark
2.       Sweden
3.       Ireland [If Jedward enter move them up to the second slot]
4.       Bosnia & Herzegovina [An ethnic song will win in the next few years]
5.       Italy [If they keep with entries that will impress juries]
6.       Armenia
7.       Germany
8.       Russia
9.       Ukraine
10.   Turkey

Some countries do well in this list for no reason other than they have the power and might to win Eurovision. I don’t think this is the Top 10 list for next year but I think the winner will come from this list. The only country who are not on this list and I really felt could be on it was United Kingdom. However this will depend on how good the selection process by the BBC is. As Blue didn’t work this year only finishing 11th sending JLS or similar next year might not produce a win.
Also I can only write this based on roughly how the country has done up until now. If Celine Dion decides to enter again for Switzerland, well I didn’t see it coming and I take no responsibility if you decide to bet your house on one country after reading this.

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