Monday, December 19, 2011

Continuing Maltese Reviews

1. Deborah C. feat L. James - Fab Alert: This is schlager, two bouncy (and good looking) girls jumping around singing a song that you just know they'll murder live. However massive live disastor performances are best avioded by a schlager style pair of heels. We shall see. If Deborah wears a leather catsuit on the night I'll give this an A+ in the meantime. Grade: A

2. Dorothy Bezzina - Interesting, that’s all I'll say. Grade: B-

3. Eleanor Cassar - Boring, poorly constructed pop song - good voice wasted on a poor song. Grade: E+

4. Fabrizio Faniello - Those of you hoping for something the same as last year will not be disappointed. However it is difficult to know if Fabrizio is worth sending to Eurovision again. Those with a liking for beards that make you look like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also will not be disappointed. Grade: B-

5. Francesca Borg - Dire. Grade: G

6. Gianni - Poor quality rock with few redeming features other than a good end. Grade: E

7. Isabelle - No faults. Beat is good and the music is arranged well. Not outstanding. It could build more and have a stronger ending. Grade: C+

8. Janice Mangion - Grade: D+

9. Janvil - Grade: C-

Conclusion of And the winner is series tomorrow. We will have the last part of this series Wednesday.

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