Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of year report

So as we draw another year to a close I am eager to set out my plan for the new year. As some of you may recall we set out our goals in September of this year and we will do the same now and we will look back on our plans for this term.

The Best Eurovision Blog year end report.
Year: June 2011-December 2011 (All targets unless otherwise stated are for 31/03/12 or when National Final season ends.

Viewer stats: Our visitor stats are low (Very low). However getting The Best Eurovision Blog on Twitter has helped our viewer stats. Also as National Final season improves we are expecting to receive more visitors.

Content: Much more reviews of songs particularly during national final season.

Goals since from last report:
  1. Continue blogging and have a 60% post/days rate (currently 50%).
  2. Continue with "And the winner of ESC 2012" and finish it before November
  3. Continue reviewing the various JESC entries and start reviewing ESC entries as they come.
  4. Launch The Best Eurovision Blog on Twitter and trial commentary for the Swiss national final
Achievements: 1. Post/Days rate has fallen and has not achieved the target (Was 60% currently 30%) New Target: 50%.
2. Achieved and finished.
3. Some entries reviewed. Though not all, No ESC song reviewed formally yet. New Target: Review all selected songs by January.
4. BEB now launched on twitter. Swiss/Albanian national finals not commented on but JESC 2011. Personally very pleased with launch on Twitter.
5. Full coverage of Melodifestivalen and good coverage of all Nordic national finals. Selection of others.
6. Examine options about moving blog to another host such as word press (Not that I desperately want to do this but if I could do more on a different host I would move.)
7. Review all official Eurovision Songs in depth and launch Baku page by 1st May.

As you may have noticed there are small changes happening on the blog on a continuous basis. This will continue through January. Pages and other info may change so please bear with us while we prepare the Blog for National Final season/Eurovision 2012.

We invite submissions on all our targets and if you have any ideas for the blog please let us know via the comments or Twitter. If you would like to keep it private, please email me.

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