Saturday, December 10, 2011

Swisss final tonight!!!

"And what time is it now, Ted?"
"One O'Clock"
And the Eurovision?"
"Is in May Dougal."

As you are all aware the Swiss national final takes place tonight. The final features a relatively bland group of songs, none of which will win ESC 2012. However a national final is a national final. Sometime around 9pm GMT or 10pm CET  we will know the first song of this years ESC. Which is a little strange given it is the 10th December (see aboe quote). Sadly, due to other engagements I shall not be on twitter this evening or even watching the final with you. I might be on Twitter by 8:00pm GMT so keep a look out for @SpTynan. Otherwise I recommend either @Ewan or @ESCInsight (I'm not sure which they are blogging through). So based on the studio versions the following grades have been given to the songs:

Lys Assia B
Raphael Jeger B-
Patric Scott feat. Fabienne Louves C+
Katherine St. Laurent C-
Sinplus C-
Ze Flying Zézettes Orchestra  D+
I Quattro D+
Sosofluo D
Ivo D
Macy D-
Atomic Angels E+
Chiara Dubey E
Guillermo Sorya F+
Emel F-

Lys Assia is the favorite to win tonight and here at The Best Eurovision Blog we would like to wish her the very best of luck.

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