Monday, December 19, 2011

So we finish off the reviews with the final 9.

1. Jessica Muscat - This might be a little to disco for my taste however it is good, but I don't expect it to be performed well live. Grade: B

2. Kaya - This might not be schlager but it does raise the standard. This is the first song I have heard that lifts to the standard that we would expect at Eurovision. An early favourite? It is not my favorite but I do expect it to do well. Grade: B

3. Kilnsmann - Why start by sitting on the ground? The chorus of the song sounds a bit boybandish however it is pleasant. Pleasant never won Eurovision but anyhow. But is it meant mean to be pop/rock or a boyband? There are some performance flaws but a nice song. Grade: C

4. Kurt Calleja - Very good but he needs to be able to live on the night to get to Baku. But remember Maltese voters are arguably the madest hatters of all ESC western countries. This is a nice song but this still would need a real live performance to lift it. If Kurt can pull that off the song has a hope. However I can only grade on what I hear in the studio version. Grade: C

5. Lawerence Grey - Good voice, dullish song we lots of these in Malta. Song only gets duller. Why wear a suit? Grade: D-

6. Nadine Bartolo - Here is yet another dull song from Malta. The song needs a lot more passion that Nadine is not able to deliever. Beat and style sounds a bit disorganised. Grade: E-

7. Richard Edwards - Look at me now is a better song than the last couple that I listened to it before, however this is still not over interesting. Nevertheless I like the overall song somewhat. Grade: D

8. Romina Mamo - This is actually rather good, but doesn't go for the final punch. However the overall song needs a little bit more music. Romina has a good voice and the song will need a good vocal on the night. Romina also could ditch the jacket/jumper combo in favour of a little more leather. Grade: D+

9. Wayne Micallef - Grade: F

So here at the BEB (Best Eurovision Blog) we are looking forward to Eurosong 2012. Even though some of the songs may not be the best. Overall the scores given are a little better than those in the Swiss final so may be we will get a better winner. In the meantime we are supporting DEBORAH C FEAT. LEILA JAMES for Eurovision 2012.

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