Monday, December 19, 2011

And The Winner OF Eurovision 2011 Is.....?: Part: I can't remember :(

So to finish off our in depth series:
I wrote this in June so I am sorry if it is a little out of date.

Ireland (My home country) is definitely had a mini comeback in recent years. RTÉ’s new mentor system is not a bad one given the fact everyone knows everyone else in the music industry in Ireland and this was proven by getting Jedward. What determines if this is a new era for Ireland or just a blip is where Ireland goes next. Certainly we could try to get U2 or The Script but they have better things to do. At this stage looking at Irish media it looks like our 2012 entrant is Jedward [And being on the ground in Ireland it certainly seems that way]. After performing for President Obama they are on a whirlwind of fame. While Louis Walsh was looking to Japan before but I think he could be changing the gear in favour of winning Eurovision and launching them on the European stage. If they put in a year trying to win Eurovision they surely can do it, but the need a more “Poppy” song more like Popular [Eric Saade] or Lay Your Love On Me [BWO], however what they need to do is release the song before Christmas and promote it in Ireland before they have to go to the National Final, then go to Europe. Looking away from Jedward, Imelda May would also be a very good choice – she’s a different Irish act, quirky enough to appeal at Eurovision but not over the top. Last year Jedward proved Ireland has a substantial vote base, even managing to stop Denmark and Sweden exchanging points.

Dublin 2013? Given Jedward’s popularity and the fact they could put a year’s work into Eurovision we can certainly say Ireland would be in with the strongest shout in years, particularly after . But if Jedward put in a middle of the road, last minute song it would be a very bad choice. Excluding Jedward if RTÉ were willing to get an act that is reasonably famous we would also have a good chance.

I can't remember if this was posted already:

After a landslide win in 2009 Norway seemed part of a new wave of western wins. However while their last two entries did well in predictions once picked they slide a lot when they hit the ESC stage. Norway can hardly be pleased with their last two results, but they should not lose hope. MGP is the second strongest national final system, in my opinion. However, while excellent songs are entered they still don’t take risks with more modern sounding entries, like Vardlokk or Not That Easy. They have the ability to get points across the board but are still supported by a strong Scandinavian Anglo-Irish block. However, after this year, if bland songs are going to do well in the contest then Tone Damli Aabarge may be a good choice.

Oslo 2013? Unless Norway steps out of its comfort zone they may find the Top 10 out of reach, let alone a win.

After seeming to peak in 2005/6 they made a comeback in 2010 and kind of lost it again. Romania has an unremarkable selection process and really I think they have as much chance as any country you care to mention. Their block is the outer Balkans who tend to not work as strongly as a normal block.

Bucharest 2013? Maybe

Conclusions this week.

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