Saturday, December 31, 2011

Review: Switzerland


As Switzerland was the first to select their representative so they get the first review. Switzerland choose Sinplus with their song Unbreakable to represent them in Baku. This song has a lot to offer. It is a rock song and given the reaction of fans (or those interested enough in rock that their opinion was actually a real opinion) seemed to think that was a really strong song for the genre. I am a firm believer that a song that is good in the genre will never do badly. I know some fans who like a certain genre of Eurovision music actually would have liked to see a different contestant in Baku but there you have it. The public decided. We have to work with that.
At this point in time it is difficult to know exactly how this will fare in Baku given that we simply do not know enough of the songs going. If it was a heavy rock year (i.e. 4-5 rock songs) then Switzerland could be in trouble. However I think it is a very accessible song and should do well in the semi-finals and should qualify for the final.

Overall I think that this interesting and this is because of excellent and interesting vocals on the part of the lead singer. If vocally this is not up scratch on the night this could fall flat on its face. The song ends a little too quickly but this could easily be fixed by throwing a few extra notes at the end. For some strange reason whenever I listen to it, I think it is so similar to Monster by The Automatic with a little So Lucky from last year thrown in. I am assuming that they will play the current 3 minute version rather than adopting another.

Verdict: I know it is not Lys Assia but it is a good all round and accessible rock song that should go down well at the Eurovision Song Contest. Personally I am not the biggest rock fan but I find this listenable.

Grade: C

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