Sunday, June 12, 2011

And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 Is.....?: Part 1

At the end of each Eurovision year I try to make some sense of all the statistics. I try and see where all the countries are at. Normally this is an operation done inside my head, but because I have a blog now I'm going to put it up here. However this has proven to be a success on many years. Therefore I have written up a number of reviews for about 20 countries. The first in this series is Armenia.

If Armenia come to Eurovision at all [that remains to be seen], they may a little try extra hard to win in Azerbaijan. It would be very understandable. Given Emmy’s narrow failure to qualify, Armenia may come out fighting next year. Excluding 2011 they have had a string of good results since their debut; however it should be noted they have been dragged down the scoreboard by the juries rather than the public, who support them. Armenia has a large block and diaspora vote ready if they bring a good enough song, but they don't have a strong neighbour vote. They have a very flexible national final structure which can only benefit them. Armenia also can make any song look good on stage with choreography and large boxing glove chairs….

Yereven 2013? If they turn up [very unlikely] I could see them with a strong entry for the Azerbaijani stage. A win is possible but I don’t expect something over daring for 2012. They may just settle for 8th place or so. But they always have a good shot at it and are not a country to be ruled out.

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