Thursday, June 30, 2011

And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 Is.....?: Part 7

At the moment very little is happening so we continue with the series And The Winner Is Eurovision 2012 is...? and this part is for France

Oh La France! After not winning in 2011 despite being a hot favourite, France should be disappointed. I more blame the song than the singer, but anyway. France has come with some of the most original and impressive songs in recent years, but 8th place was as high as they have went. Interestingly France 3 has announced it will change to a National Final format in 2012. This may change the style of song from alternative to more mainstream. However if they were to do a national final solely consisting of alternative entries, it would definitely be a step towards a win. 
Paris 2013? France will rarely do well with a generic ballad or pop song however if they keep sending good or unusual songs to the contest they certainly could be in contention next year. However I expect a poor song to come from them next year largely due to a poor national final. But they could be in contention in the next few years.

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