Saturday, June 18, 2011

JESC 2011

Well now that ESC 2011 is well and truly over, the next major event will be the Junior Eurovision Contest. While many fans turn their noses down at it really it's all we have until November - oh god it seems like ages away. Anyway Eurovoix has been doing a lot of work on this and we can say that around 11 countries are to take part with Latvia withdrawing and I'm not sure about the rest. Sometimes you have to wonder about JESC but it seems like it will go ahead this year. Really their problem is that the Big 5 don't take part. I would recommend that they be allowed to take part for free on account of their high fee for ESC and this may encourage others to take part. I also think that there should be a fee for those countries that agree to sign up to both ESC and JESC for a year that is cheap. This may lead to greater commitment to the show. JESC is plagued by problems but is still going. The countries confirmed so far are: Armenia; Belarus; Belgium; Georgia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Moldova; Netherlands; Russia; Sweden and Ukraine. Russia is the only country to have picked a song so far but Ukraine is due in Mid-July, but you never know with these Eastern European selections.

If anyone else, like me, is cracking up of Post Eurovision depression there is always the Podcast with Ewan Spence over on ESCInsight. It is only every week but it will get you though the dry period - just about. They alternate every second week between news and a Juke box jury trying to find the best Eurovision song.

Next week the Heads of Delegations meeting is due to take place and tomorrow I hope to have a piece about what could be changed at the contest. There's nothing to radical in there, I promise.

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