Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First Review: JESC 2011 - Russia

Today I am doing the first review of a song for the blog - I'm so sorry - for me this is what is all about. Opinion. I intend to review each JESC song after it is picked and one review in the lead up to the contest [the two weeks before]

Even though some fans may turn their noses up at the prospect of JESC however at a time when there is slim to nothing about Eurovision on but we are all brusting to know who is going to be in Melodifestivalen. For me JESC represents the opening of the real National Final season Despite JESC being months away Russia seem to be planning to be ahead of the crowd. [Not that there is a rush on to go to JESC]. 

This year Russia chose to send Ekaterina Ryabova again [she represented them in 2009]. Their song is Kak Romeo I Dzhulyetta. Now it is always difficult to say how good a song is when you have nothing to compare it to for this year. I still really like this. When you first hear this the start sounds somewhat Russian, even though it is not. The song builds very nicely. Ekaterina is a good singer and has matured somewhat in the last two years.

However the song is presented poorly. I don't like her dress, the white is to simiple against the dancers and complex staging. The song is really good, even a little anthemic  in the way it builds [I adore an anthemic song] but it needs a key change or some lift at the end to make it really stand out. Also she needs to drop the scooter, the little fella pushing her around is a bit sad looking and is risky in terms of consistent vocals. All in all a good song and Russia usually to well at JESC but it is an awful lot less predictable than ESC.

Don't agree with me? Well, comments are always welcome.

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