Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Day

Ok! So now that we are up properly. I can start to have a bit of fun. At the moment I am making a plan for the blog; how to take it from this stage over the next few months and how to try to gain a few readers.

Over the next two weeks I am going to try to fully develop the blog so don't be surpirsed if there are a few changes from the last day you were here. Some of you may notice the background as changed. I also intend to add some ad's just to give me a bit of an income from the blog. Over the coming weeks and months there is little Eurovision news to discuss so you see a few opinion pieces on various aspects of the contest. I will also review songs for the upcoming contests (JESC Russia Tomorrow).

And why not tell you friends about this blog? We could use a veiw extra readers. In the meantime, i'll be here, blogging away. Writing up a few pieces. I also have a series of articles which I will be throwing up over the next few weeks.

Sorry I don't have anything that great to talk about today. But I have another series to show you entitled "The Best Songs Not To Go To Eurovision". It is for publicise some of the great music in the non-Eurovision world that Eurovision fans may like.

First up we have Poison by Nicole Scherzinger. I first saw this on the X Factor last year. It would have been great at Eurovision.

Next, a group we should all know very well - Alcazar. This is a little different from Stay The Night. However, it is one of my favorite songs and deserves a mention. The song is Harlem Nights.

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