Friday, June 24, 2011

And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 Is.....?: Part 6

I am going away today for the weekend so there will be no posts until Monday. So until then I leave you with why Sweden may not win next - but they're going to come close:

After not seeing a good result since 2006 this year Sweden came roaring back and were within two points of a win in the televote. Personally I would love to see Sweden make it win number 5. Melodifestivalen is without a doubt the best of all the National selections. However they have an annoying habit of picking a middle of the road song at the expense of more international friendly songs but the international juries should balance this out if they stick with 50% international juries. They also have given more power to these juries by the new way of giving the televote points. They are in the Scandinavian block however they did not score as well as you’d expect within the block given they came third this year. A win is far from out of the question. Personally, I think they should look to Sanna Nielsen but Timoteij or Le Kid could also conceivably win for Sweden. One of Sweden’s biggest problems is they don’t change entries from their Melodifestivalen performance. Not everything that works on the MF stage is going to work on the Eurovision stage. With Sweden having such a vibrant music industry and so much input into other Eurovision entries they should use the expertise from that to craft their entry on the Eurovision stage.
Stockholm 2013? There’s a good chance. However, I think Stockholm 2014 is more likely largely because I believe that they will be too confident this year and send a similar act to Popular. They also need to make their entries look a bit better on stage, which they largely did this year but have fallen down in the past.

In the autumn I hope to have an article about exact who I would like to see represent Sweden in 2012

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