Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back from my brief holiday, so I did not write a blog. However if you were in Ireland yesterday, you should not have been busy online but out in the sunshine. 

Anyway Eurovision goes on (with very little news). RTÉ has announced that they made a profit, albeit a small one, from Eurovision. To be honest I am delighted for them. I have long argued that it makes financial sense for Ireland to be in Eurovision. RTÉ are at the moment trying to save costs everywhere. When Eurovision makes profit or breaks even then RTÉ should be delighted. However as always, I firmly recommend that a larger national final is needed of at least 10 songs to attract big name artists with reasonably good songs. Shoving it in with The Late Late Show makes it to low key. Promotion should have started from before the national final. But it is unlikely that the Big wigs at RTÉ will be willing to change anyway.

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