Friday, June 17, 2011

Just When You Think You're About To Run Out Of News

As summer arrives Eurovision news declines however just when you think nothing will happen till next week BOOM! Lots out news: have reported that next year Ell & Nikki will take part in the selection process in Azerbaijan for their 2012 entry. Now even if they have to go back though the washing machine that is Azeri selection process you can pretty much take it that Ell & Nikki will be the singers of the Azeri entry in Baku. This is a copy of what Lena did last year and looks like it could start a tradition that the winning entrant from last year will compete again this year. I think that this is a good idea as it gives the artist an opportunity to showcase some of their other music. It also makes them look like they've done something during the year rather than prepare for the opening act. It also means that the host country has a realistic chance of being in with a shot of winning, which would boost Eurvision just a little more in the host country. Personally I can see them finishing in the 5th-10th range. I think they would need a really strong song to be in the Top 3 and my gut instinct for next year is we will have a repeat of 2006 where there were several normal, strong songs - I'm not saying Lordi will win it again.

As regards the controversial move by the Germans to put Lena in the opening act - well if Nikki & Ell are in Baku next year I think they should form the Interval act with a rendition of Running Scared - after the voting lines have closed.

Germany have announced they will follow the same selection format as 2010. Unser fur Baku hopes to try and find Lena 2. I think the chances of this are slim as Lena is pretty unique for a talent show. Nevertheless I think it could throw up a kind of Jennifer Brown type singer who can deliver a song well, which is all you need for a good placing.   

Raphael Gualazzi has become a success in the eyes of a lot of fans [including me] following ESC. He has announced he will do a duet with 3Js from The Netherlands, which i'm looking forward to. In the meantime Paula Seling from 2010 has release a new single. The SchlagerBoys should like this one - and I love it too.

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