Thursday, June 23, 2011

What to write about?

The last week has seen a change in the amount of news being produced, so there was little to write about yesterday and I finished my exams so I didn't have the time to write anyhow. However, the marked decline in Eurovision articles means there is very little to talk about. Therefore, for today and tomorrow the is a And the winner of Eurovision 2012 is...? article. (Norway is below). After tomorrow I'm on holidays for the weekend so there will be no blogging til Monday. However over the summer I hope to build up a stock of articles on voting trends which will be the next series after And the winner is?. Blogging is much harder over the summer but I will try to do as much as I can.

After a landslide win in 2009 Norway seemed part of a new wave of western wins. However while their last two entries did well in predictions but once picked they slide a lot when they hit the ESC stage. Norway can hardly be pleased with their last two results, but they should not lose hope. MGP is the second strongest national final system, in my opinion. However, while excellent songs are entered they still don’t take risks with more modern sounding entries, like Vardlokk or Not That Easy. They have the ability to get points across the board but are still supported by a strong Scandinavian Anglo-Irish block. However, after this year, if bland songs are going to do well in the contest then Tone Damli Aabarge may be a good choice.
Oslo 2013? Unless Norway steps out of its comfort zone they may find the Top 10 out of reach, let alone a win.

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