Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One week online!

One week later and I'm still online!
So today I have a rather long piece here for you.

You may have noticed but my commentary tends to take 2 different styles. One is briefly discussing the daily news but the other is largely to look at the contest and to provide some insight on my rather complex thoughts. That what this piece is for. This is a sit down in a nice chair with a cup of tea for 10 minutes kind of piece. This one is for norway.

This year, for the first time in three years, Norway didn't make it to the final. Stella Mwangi did impress the public to come 9th in the televote but didn't impress the juries enough for Stella to make the final. This was a shame because it makes Norway look like a one trick pony with Rybak and can't really sustain a strong record. However what was very odd with Norway this year was that they seemed to do everything right. From the word go very strong songs began to crop up in the Semi-Finals of MGP. Then we noticed Stella crop up in Semi 3. All going fine. Then along comes the second chance round, and then the final, with Stella the hot favorite to win. Then Stella does win it no surprises there. She emerges as one of the favorites for Dusseldorf - All seems to be going fine. Then her odds start to rise, and in fan circles she does not seem to be the favorite she was ahead of the MGP final. Stella's vocals are the centre of attention. By the time we reach Dusseldorf she had come 10th in the OGAE poll and was not really expected to qualify. A fan favorite is now only liked by a few small groups. And then....Norway don't make the final. 

But was MPG really that wonderful? Could Norway done better?

Well the short answer is yes, just not with Haba Haba. Many songs in MPG 2011 could have delivered better than 17th in the Semi Final 1. We will take a look at some of the other good songs. 

To begin with there was my favorite song of the National finals Vardlokk, by HB. Now while she was popular in the Eurofan world many fans may point out it may not have done well at Eurovision I don't think so. I believe the pattern emerging from the juries is that good vocals are generally well received. Helene would have gone done very well with them, especially when you consider that Lithuania won with the juries and there wasn't very much for the juries in semi 1

Then Babel Fish with the song Depend On Me. This year Babel Fish were the poorest song in the final in my opinion. Even though it was wonderfully anthemic and vocally excellent, however it lacked great lyrics and the song felt that it just built and didn't do a proper gear change which we saw in songs like New Tomorrow. It also didn't get going until the last minute. But this could have made the final but would not have rated well on the night.

Dance Tonight by the BlackSheeps was my favorite song this year, after Vardlokk. They had a very rockish song but unlike Turkey it was not an off putting kind of rock. It is essentially a pop song. However the only fault is it starts great but doesn't really change much after that. Nevertheless it was an entertain song and I really enjoyed the BlackSheeps, and they will appear in my "Artists I'd like to see at Eurovision 2012" 

Not that Easy by Aste & Rikke was a very strong song and is just so different to what we're used to it would have to stand out on the stage. The only risk was if they did not give a good vocal performance would fall flat on its face. However if it worked it could have taken Norway to the Top 10 in the final
Even though  I love Alt Du Vil Ha by Sie Gubba I don't think that it would have worked at Eurovision.
My Wildcard: Mimi Blix - Allergic. This was a most memorable performance and Mimi was really good at performing even if she is not a singer. While her song could be at best described as generic, I really enjoyed (it was just something for us heterosexual males). I love her dress and leather gloves!

So that's the lot, as you can see I think Norway could have done a lot better. Any comments are always welcome.

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