Thursday, June 16, 2011

And The Winner Of Eurovision 2012 is....?: Part 3

Continuing on with our series here is part 3, which is dedicated to Russia

Without a doubt if Russia put their minds to something then they can do it. Eurovision is no different. In 2006-2008 they upped their game and got three top three finishes for their efforts. It goes without saying they have the support of a massive block and when they put the effort in they generally find they score well in the Scandinavian block and outer Balkan block. As great as they are, this year we saw them take a place on the right side of the scoreboard even with a song by RedOne; however that score was probably reduced by the success of Azerbaijan and Ukraine who both finished in the top 5. It was somewhat surprising that they came last with the juries but there you go. It is not possible to say Russia can’t win Eurovision just because they were not in the top 10 for the last three years.
St. Petersburg 2013? You can’t say they won’t until the winner is declared in May.

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