Monday, June 13, 2011

The Break Up Of The UK

I was wondering what I should write today, however it seems my mind was made up for me. Unusually I seem to have started a little debate over on EscInsight, about the possible break up of the United Kingdom at Eurovision and I shall continue it here. 

Firstly I believe the UK has lost the plot with Eurovision. As the European country with the largest music industry in Europe you'd think they could produce a credible song [cough, cough, Josh]. It is often said that Eurovision is younger person's game, and therefore the BBC decide to send Blue. Allow me to put this in context. I'm a young student and on the night I saw the BBC announce Blue as their choice the first thing I did was look them up on Wikipedia. I never heard of them. 

Blue did do their best. (If their best was what happened on the Friday night jury final.) For me the UK does not work as a Eurovision Country. And this is largely due to the shear size of BBC. Unlike their counterparts in RTÉ who know what all out promotion and drumming up National support is (Jedward are national hero's here), BBC failed to invigorate the British Public. They must do this to try and counteract the infamous British tabloids.

One of my key beliefs with Eurovision is national support for a Eurovision is really important and I believe that national support and how well a country does are strongly connected. I believe that the solution to the problem is to Break up the UK into the four parts. This could lead to some healthy internal competition within the UK. Which may deliver a good result. Some national pride needs to be brought to the table. While this blog is not Political, it would not surprise me if Alex Salmond was to push for this to try and build up the idea of the national Scotland.

As regards the "Big" status I would expect England to take that, with Wales, Northern Ireland andd Scotland in the Semis.

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