Saturday, May 19, 2012

Eurovision QuizUp!

The good people over at Plain Vanilla Games asked me to let you know about their lastest free app called Eurovision QuizUp. Put simply it is a Eurovision quiz and the game runs on iPhones and iPods and you can log on and play against your friends or other Eurovision fans all around the world. You can even see how you rank against your friends and other fans in your country.

Plain Vanilla Games decided to have the game free and with no advertisements so they are not doing this for profit, they just wanted to give something to the Eurovision community.

As I don't own I an own an iPhone/iPad I haven't been able to try this out. I also have to put in the disclaimer not because I have had any problems with the game but only on account of my legal obligations! I have no problem with giving some blog space over to anyone who has anything not-for-profit that is directly linked to Eurovision. A direct link to download the app is here.

This is an information post only and neither The Best Eurovision Blog or the editor accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages cause to you or your equipment through playing the game. The Best Eurovision Blog is not in any way affiliated with the development of this game. This post is purely for information purposes. 

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