Friday, May 11, 2012

Macedonia: The Review

Macedonia this year have no doubt sent one of the most under-discussed song in this years song contest. No doubt that Crno I Belo is a reasonable song, but I just think that this is a very underwhelming entry from Macedonia. Kaliopi is a good singer too and Macedonia should be delighted to have her as a singer.

The song is a bit disjointed as a song. It starts as a normal ballad sort of song and this continues for about half of the song. This in my opinion is far to long, particularly after the ballad from Serbia. The song then bursts into a rock song. This in my opinion is far to different from the first part of the song. Therefore the song lacks any fluidity and consequently may be a total wash out on the night. In a tough year this just is not coming up to the mark.

Personally speaking I really dislike this entry. I think that it could not even be considered a "nice" entry. It is just one that is not at the standard that was required.

Verdict: Despite what some fans think (and I do respect your opinions), I feel that this just is not at the required standard and should have been left at home.

Grade: E-

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