Friday, May 11, 2012

Tractors, Noodle Soup and Woki Mit Deim Popo!

Without a doubt one of the most interesting national finals this year was Austria. The big battle between Conchita Wurst and Trackshittaz was well flagged and also well watched. Ultimately the Trackshittaz were victorious. Personally I would have accepted either, and I think they both would have been great songs.

Before I launch into praising this song I'd like to say that I completely understand those of you who do not like this. More for this song than any other. But despite my general disliking of rap I really like Trackshittaz. Perhaps it may be because of the tractors or maybe it is the fact unlike most rappers they don't aim to "keep it real". The song is really good. It is aggressive enough that rap fans should like it and it should also appeal to the wider Eurovision audience, maybe not the fan network but certainly the people who watch Eurovision but are not one of the diehard fans. Trackshittaz have a great likability factor and this, combined with a strong stage show will really stand out in Baku.

Moving away from the song and Austria are still really well positioned this year. Third last in their semi-final they stand to do really well, particularly as they appear after Hungary. In a ballad heavy year it is likely that this will stand out in the final. I think could do really well. Maybe not so much with the juries though.

Verdict: This is a favorite of mine but I love a good number of semi-final 1 songs but overall this is great ad could do better than expected in Baku on the Saturday.

Grade: A-

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