Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is This A Sea Shanty?

Somehow I shall endure to write as many reviews, though preferably all of them today even if they are a bit spread in the publishing dates. If I should seem to go of the rails in doing this I apologise. 

Turkey are always a strange basket case when it comes to Eurovision. This was complicated even further last year when they failed to really come up with anything amazing, instead going with the predictable rock song "Live It Up" by a band I cannot even begin to spell. After the usual discussions about who Turkey would send to the contest, it was announced that Can Bonomo would be going to Eurovision.

Can then presented his song to Turkey during the main evening news as is the case in Turkey, many people seemed to be really impressed by this song. I for one was not, I found the off rhythms hard to get and I don't really see what everyone was getting so hyped up about. We've heard all this kind of music before. This might be very good for the genre but it's not the whirlwind that it should have been. There has also been a relative cooling period around this song. It has gone from being well up on everyone's lists to being only mid table with everyone.

As regards qualifying the situation is no different. People seem to have breezed over this as a definite qualifier. I think that it does fall into this category but then again we said that before (and look at how right we were). Equally Turkey surely has a better chance because of its running order position. The performance will be everything with this song. The song does appear to be a sort of sea shanty in the videos and promotion so far but it still leaves more questions than answers and must find an identity very, very quickly.

Verdict: Personally, it has grown on me but I do need to see more about it before I make up my mind. The performance and identity of the song are the two key factors here.

Grade: C

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