Saturday, May 12, 2012

Editorial: Looking Forward To Eurovision 2012 - One Last Time

Yes after one amazing year its that time again. In about 8 hours time the first act will take to the stage in Baku to rehearse for Eurovision. In about 9 hours time the first of the videos will begin to appear and Eurovision 2012 can really begin. This is the bit about Eurovision that sets fans apart. This week while the rest of Europe tunes into something else, perhaps unaware that Eurovision is on, the contest is being fought over by TV people from all over Europe desperately trying to get the mix of everything right on stage. Those of us who follow this closely will get a much better understanding of everything that makes Eurovision go around. 

We've been through it all, the good, the bad, Bjorn Ranelid. And here we are. I am so excited. Despite what my friends might say about Eurovision tonight is like Christmas Eve for me. Since late yesterday tweets, reports and blog posts have been slowly trickling through from Baku about the city and the Crystal Arena itself. I really look forward to hearing from all the fans out there about their opinions of the contest. So maybe I'm not at the contest but at this stage I'm just enjoying the moment of it. I love the constant stream of reports from the venue about how rehearsals are going and I look forward to the occasional podcast. For me this week is something that should be savoured rather than looked over in favour of live shows. I'm not entirely sure exactly what I will have to say tomorrow but do drop into the blog and find out.

I am a small voice in Eurovision media. However while I am aware that some of you think that I do a fairly reasonable job here I will point out that I am only human, and I most certainly cannot see the future. Nothing that I say is any more likely to occur than what any other good Eurovision fan might say. Think independently about Eurovision, don't just listen to one voice. Form your own opinion. Make it as informed as you see fit. Eurovision fandom is build on opinions. You are always welcome to share them with us too.

This time fortnight we will be well into the voting in the grand final. That is a great sentence to be able to write when your a Eurovision fan,
I wish all the very best over the next two weeks.
With Love,
Seán x

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