Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's Schedule

Over the last couple of days things have not changed very much as regards routine. Rehearsals have begun at 11 (ish) [7:00am Irish time] and have finished around 7 or 8 [depending on how late things have ran]. Today we move onto the second rehearsals meaning that the schedule has changed as well as the number of entries that are done each day. So here is today's schedule [all times local].

Montenegro 11:30-12:00
Iceland  12:00-12:30
Greece 12:30-13:00
Latvia 13:00-13:30
Albania 13:30-14:00
Break 14:00-15:00
Romania 15:00-15:30
Switzerland 15:30-16:00
Belgium 16:00-16:30
Finland 16:30-17:00
Break 17:00-17:20
Israel 17:20-17:50
San Marino 17:50-18:20
Cyprus 18:20-18:50
Denmark 18:50-19:20

Hope you enjoy the day!

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