Sunday, May 13, 2012

And Now We Know...(Day 1)

So as the sun sets over Paris [Only place I could think of where the sun might be setting right now]. But the day has come to an end and having looked at at least 100 photos of Eurovision Taxis as well as hours of rehearsal videos, we now know a lot more about Eurovision 2012. But in a nutshell what have we learned?

  • Based on everyone's blog posts we now know it is not very easy to get to Baku, especially if you travel through Istanbul.
  • Montenegro is as bad on stage as we first thought, however no one knew quite what to expect all the same.
  • Iceland and Romania are the big winners from today, they are now much more favoured to win in the betting odds and reports from Baku about them are impressive.
  • Greece has a very typical Eurovision entry. She is not able to sing it well enough live.
  • Latvia continues to divide people between lovers who think it is a marginal qualifier and haters who think it is still a very bad song still and she is a good vocalist.
  • Albania was as impressive as ever but I think it might be something that the ney sayers have to see live to believe. I really like this though.
  • According to my friend the ESCInsider Switzerland far better looking in real life. As a hetrosexual I have no opinion but as they say - know your target market. Their diction as also improved.
  • Iris from Belgium has a great pair of lungs. She really came up to the mark in rehearsals today.
  • Finally Finland have dropped the dancer which is a great move on their part in my opinion.
Up until now I have avoided making predictions but I think at this stage that Iceland and Romania are the definite qualifiers and Albania is a very likely qualifier. My guess is that there will be one qualifier from either Switzerland, Belgium or Finland and since the rehearsal I am inclined towards Belgium, but that's very difficult to call. I think that Greece is the only other possible contender but if the vocals don't improve it could go the way of Turkey last year.

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