Sunday, May 6, 2012

OGAE Ireland Results

You'd be mad to suggest that Sweden is not going to win the OGAE pre-Eurovision vote, thats why I have not paid to much attention to the recent results. However the OGAE Ireland - the Irish branch have released theur votes. So I think that it is a very important to have a look at these as they are somewhat surprising votes.

12 - Sweden - No surprise there.
10 - Spain - It is a surprise to see Spain so far ahead in the vote but it is not surprising to see Spain in the Top 10.
8 - Germany - Definately the biggest surprise of this vote. I don't fully understand how they even got so high but anyhow, thats the result.
7 - France - Its surprising to see France so far up. However Augguns song is well liked in some regions.
6 - Iceland - I'm surprised to see this so far down the list as I thought that Iceland had a very appealing song for Irish listeners.
5 - Italy - Once again no big surprise but I expected the song to be ranked higher.
4 - Estonia - A surprise in the list but not shocking.
3 - Serbia - No surprise there.
2 - Norway - Still not shocking.
1 - Romania - A mild surprise, but not completely so. Irish fans do seem to like this song.

The big and almost shocking absence from the list is the UK. If Engender wants to score well, he will have to score well in Ireland.


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