Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Tina Turner - Or Is It?

Every year a couple of Eurovision acts come along that remind us of stars we know from outside of Eurovision. Sometimes these general resemblances start to err on the side of "that's a bit to close for comfort" and this year the award for doing this goes to Gaitana from Ukraine.

#NationalFinalMemes: I cannot go on further without mentioning that Ukraine held their national final at 10:30 in the morning (Irish Time; 13:30 Ukrainian Time). 10:30! - I wasn't even out of bed (actually I wasn't awake that day until 12:00).

So anyway Ukraine decided to send Gaitana with her song "Be My Guest". It's a strong song, it works really well but I'd say that it might be hard for the average Eurovision audience to take in. Without a doubt the song has some similarities with Tina Turner. These I think could actually go against Gaitana. I suspect that the voting public may over look her on the those grounds, but these are really concerns which should remain hidden until the final, really this song is strong enough to come about 6th-8th place in the semi final.

It's success in a very tough semi-final is dependent on the songs ability to attract votes from the pool of non-ballads votes in semi-final 2. The question of how the song will do is the songs ability to get votes from better countries songs running later in the draw. So I'm not convinced.

Verdict: This is a strange song. Anyhow it is what it is but it doesn't do it for me. I can't see this doing well but it is Ukraine after all so we shall never know.

Grade: C

P.S. For some strange reason I cannot get thinking fully linearly tonight. 

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