Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Unconventional Eurovision Song

Fans feathers were very much ruffled when it was announced that Izabo would be going to Baku in May to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. Izabo are a very orginal indie group and this starkly contrasts from the normal entry that we would expect from Israel [well maybe we won't discuss Dana International] but normally this is a seriously conservative country.

Izabo are an indie pop band. This automatically highlighted a change in stance from the previous years. Without a doubt though when we heard their song "Time" we were all pleasantly surprised.

This is a good song. It has very few of the normal hallmarks of a Eurovision entry. This could go either way as we have no real precedent to this song before. But it does bounce along very well and could get a lot of votes. It's in a very interesting semi-final, one of the stranger ones that we have seen in living memory. This might just stand out enough. This will depend on how good the stage show is, but given how randomly wonderful Izabo have done so far I'm expecting something big.

Israel is performing 10th in this semi-final which  is a fairly strong position. Really though there are far to many variables still with this song to actually call on how well it will do.
Personally, it's not my favourite in semi-final 1 but it is still a strong song. I'm looking forward to seeing it.#

Verdict: It could do very well but it is to difficult to say at this stage. But I would guess that it should do well.

Grade: B

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