Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Semi-Final 1: The Qualifiers

Now that the reports from the jury semi-final is in I have pretty much as much information as I'm going to get so it prediction time. As promised I have the ten songs which I believe will qualify to the final but unlike most bloggers and press I also will list them in order of where I think they will place.

These predictions were arrived at by aggregating [fancy word for adding, makes me look really intelligent] my predictions for the juries top 10 and the public top 10. There are problems that can arise by doing this but overall I'm happy with these ten. So here we go, in order of their predicted placing in the final the Top 10 are:

1. Denmark
2. Iceland
3. Russia
4. Romania
5. Albania
6. Greece
7. Moldova
8. Ireland
9. Israel
10. Belgium

Just missing out
11. Cyprus

Obviously these are no more correct than anyone else's guess but it is my best guess.

Other Info: 
Jury Vote Winner: Albania
Public Vote Winner: Russia
Amount of money I'm willing to bet on these 10 qualifying: €0

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