Friday, January 13, 2012

Bulgaria Reviews

Ahead of the Bulgarian semi-final tomorrow we preview the songs in it in two parts here is the first part:

Sunnie - Strangest title of a song I ever heard, particularly when it is a women singing it. I don't really think this song is by any means amazing but it ok. Grade: D.

Sonya Ivanova - Very Average sounding. Might be better live. Grade: D+

Steliyana Hristova's Rap song. It’s what I'd expect but at this stage but I really think as rap goes this is good. Grade: C

Rene Ranev - Nice to hear a rock style song in this contest. However this just doesn't go anywhere. Grade: D.

Simona Sivano - While this is nice, it feels like I've heard this song before just because with so many similar ballads it is very difficult to differencate it from all the other songs. Grade: C

Georgi Vurbanov's - No, just no. Grade: NG.

Ivaylo Kolev - Very nice start. Chorus is good enough. Great confidence and strength in the vocals. I like this. But it needs a bigger kick at the end. Grade: C+

Vyara Pantaleeva - Russia style ballad. Reviting. Not. Grade: B

Monika Kirovska - LOVING the almost Irish feel to this. Very gentle and nice song. Nice background music not ESC material. Grade: D

Go Week - Not bad. Don't like the lead singers voice. Shame. Grade: E+

Currently unable to find Bee In The Bonnet's song. If you have a link for this please post it in the comments.

The second half of this will be up this afternoon.

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